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Deed Services

What is a Deed?

A Deed is a written instrument which transfers title to real property from one person or entity to another. The person or entity transferring title is known as the "Grantor", and the person or entity receiving the title is known as the "Grantee". A Deed must be in writing and must be signed by the "Grantor". To be effective against third persons and subsequent purchasers, the Deed must be recorded in the land records of the county in which the property lies.

What Needs To Be Included In A Deed

The Deed must contain, at minimum, an identification of the Gran tor and Grantee, consideration (usually the amount of money paid) and a legal description of the real property. It may refer to the real estate by lot number as shown on a recorded plat or by a lengthy metes and bounds description prepared by a surveyor.

Maryland Deed Preparation

We consult with the client to make sure that we prepare the right Deed for their needs. Under the supervision of an experienced attorney, American Home Title Group regularly prepares the following types of Deeds:

  • Deed to remove or add a spouse
  • Quitclaim Deed
  • Personal Representative's Deed
  • Trustee's Deed
  • Life Estate Deed (with or without powers)
  • Deed to or from a Revocable Living Trust
  • Deed to or from an LLC or corporation
  • Purchase and Sale Deed
  • Special Warranty Deed
  • Confirmatory Deed

Our years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to our clients ensure that ownership of the property is legally and efficiently transferred from Grantor to Grantee.

Maryland Deed Transfer Services

Each county has special processes and protocols to record a Deed. These include preparation of a Maryland Land Intake Sheet, payment of fees, payment of water bills and real estate taxes, payment of transfer taxes (if not exempt) and obtaining a Lien Certificate. American Home Title Group knows how to record Deeds in Baltimore City, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Howard County, and all other Maryland counties.

Exemptions from Transfer Taxes

In order to avoid state and county imposed transfer taxes, Deeds need to clearly state the why they are exempt. We are knowledgeable in finding and setting forth the appropriate exemptions for various Deeds in all counties.

Bottom Line

Our Maryland Deed Transfer Services include ( a) client consultation, (b) obtaining and reviewing the existing Deed, ( c) reviewing the tax account and SDAT records, (d) preparing a new Deed and related documents, and (e) processing the new Deed for recording.

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